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NEERMAN believes that creative talent is instrumental for quality research in the social and environment sector. At NEERMAN, we take great pride in our people and provide them with an environment in which they can explore their creative potential. You can be a part of NEERMAN in several ways:

Collaborate with us as:

  • Consultants and Companies
  • Risk Assessors

Work with us:

  • Research Associate - socio-market research
  • Research Associate - environment
  • Internships

Become a collaborator/ consultant
We are hoping to expand our network to associate and conduct joint projects with highly quality independent consultant, research organizations and educational institutes from India. If you think your interests match with those of NEERMAN, please submit your resume or company profile below. For example, we have formed partnerships with a NABL accredited laboratory, an Internal Review Board, and Field research agency to collaboratively write proposals and work on projects. For independent consultants, we recommend at least a masters degree and/or proven track record in the relevant field. We offer competitive daily rate and travel expenses to consultants and also invite them to share publications with us to ensure that their contribution is well known.

Risk Assessors or interested in Risk Analysis
If you are working in the field of risk assessment, risk communication or risk management in India, or if interested in risk assessment in India then we seek your interest to start and joint Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) India chapter. Please let us know your interest.

Research Associate (In Socio-market research field)
We need a Social-market researcher with skills in statistical analyses (using STATA is preferrable), on-field experience in conducting social research or market surveys, excellent writing and communication skills. The candidate should have at least a master's degree in Statistics, Economics, Population science, MBA, and marketing studies from a reputed institute in India or abroad, and relevant experience. We have full time and part time positions open.

Research Associate (In environmental field)
Environmental researcher with skills in environmental impact assessments, modeling, and knowledge of Indian laws related to environment. The candidate should have at least a master degree in Environmental Science or Environmental Engineering or PG diploma in Environmental management. Must be have command over written and spoken English. Research skills in statistical analysis will be an added advantage. We are also looking for management candidates (diploma or degree) with training in sustainability, CSR, carbon management, and non-profit management. We have full time and part time positions open.

We have a few short turn around projects as well as large on-going projects for interested students. Our internships range from two to six months. We offer competitive stipend; however, we prefer students who can continue the research as their thesis. We expect the candidates to conduct research in our office fulltime or part time.