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Indian corporate houses are well-known for numerous philanthropic activities such as adoption of villages, funding education of children, running blood banks, helping in disaster affected areas and many more activities. While this humanitarian approach is laudable, it falls short of the strategic sustainability objective of maximizing triple bottom line of people, planet and profit (PPP). We believe that a business should concentrate in creating economic values from its social and environmental activities to remain sustainable and profitable, and in doing so achieve social welfare. We can help you assess your sustainability objectives, evaluate your CSR initiatives and report your successes as follows.

CSR Structuring

We can assess your CSR activities, identify focus areas for new activities, evaluate internal social and environmental initiatives for effectiveness in contributing towards the company's sustainability. We can help you formulate a strategy to derive economic values from your social and environmental activities as a long term objective.

Sustainability Report and Communication

Our experienced team will evaluate your organizations social and environmental impact. They are proficient in developing sustainability report based on the Global Reporting Initiative. We can help you understand your customers, suppliers, and general public's sustainability expectations from you. This approach will help you advocate your sustainability efforts to a wider audience more effectively.

P6 Approach - BoP business strategy

P6 is NEERMAN's own systematic approach to how a social business can move from a sustainability idea to a realistic strategy that focuses on tripple bottom line of people, plant, and profits (PPP). P6 is an acronym for PPP through Public Private Partnership (ppp). In the P6 approach, we involve the bottom of the pyramid consumers in the company's social business as "consumers + producers + partners" so that they have a stake in profitability and sustainability of the social business.

We call for distribution and sale in innovative Program Mode instead of traditional distribution and marketing channels where all stakeholders - the innovators, the corporate, the distributors, the financers, the local entrepreneurs, and the consumers - work towards maximizing the social welfare of the community.

Training and Facilitation

Everyone benefits and learn only by sharing information. We conduct workshops and offer trainings in environmental & energy management, reducing carbon footprint, maximizing triple bottom line, program design, evaluation and many more areas.

Other Services

  • Program Impact Assessment - We are at forefront of program evaluation and one of the top organization in India with high-end expertise in field. We are internationally recognized for our work in water, sanitation, hygiene and environmental health
  • Carbon Management Planning - Green House Gas emission and climate change have gained unprecedented attention of the entire world. We associate with our group concern PRESTELS to help you reduce the carbon footprint through process and business modifications. (Link to PRESTELS)
  • Audits and Management System - We assist companies in verifying practices to protect the environment. We can help you in protecting the environment under ISO 14001 framework as well as integrated ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certifications through our Group concern PRESTELS (LINK)