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NEERMAN is at forefront of program evaluation and one of the top (if not only) organizations in India with high end expertise in the field. We have evaluated several large scale and first time evaluations of of programs in water, sanitation, hygiene and health sector. The programs we evaluate differ in scale (regional, national), setting (Urban, rural, peri-urban), interventions (environmental, infrastructure, information, market products) and delivery mechanisms (public private partnerships, demand driven, centralized, market based).

We have evaluated several large and small scale programs across India using different evaluation methods - randomized field trials, quasi experimental designs, time series or tracking design, qualitative assessments, simulations, and others. We can also conduct evaluation of public health programs, vaccination coverage, education impact assessments, and other development programs. A full scale and rigorous program evaluation consists of several tasks. Each of the following tasks is itself a standalone service that we can provide to clients:

Health Impact Evaluations

We use difference in difference (DID) or interrupted time series designs to evaluate whether a program results in measurable health improvements. The evaluation can be done in randomized control trials or quasi experiments which don't intrude with program implementation. The results can be used to demonstrate success and make a case for more funding, learn lessons to scale up, identify package of interventions that can maximize impacts, and identify other factors that can moderate the degree of impacts.

Process Evaluations

We evaluate implementation of your program and document the input output and outcomes through the lifecycle of the program. We use a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to tell you how exactly the communities adopt to your programs. The lessons learnt will help you to scale up as well as identify competing programs that will modify the true impacts of your programs.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Systems

Often a simple monitoring or MIS system is misrepresented as a M&E system. A M&E system always allows you to evaluate and learn during program implementation. We help you establish a baseline and monitor the implementation of your program using indicators of not only implementation but also possible success of the program. We develop our M&E system to integrate with your existing MIS system to we develop a new system which also serves as MIS using advanced IT tools. Our unique approach first designs the system and then offer the IT solutions to meet this design requirement. We will not only tracks inputs in the project but the intermediate outcomes can help you ascertain the success rate of the program. Our systems are designed using mobile and internet technologies that collect information from the lowest levels of implementation and aggregate in MIS for management review and action. Compared to traditional IT-focused companies, we bring the advantage of subject matter expertise in developing M&E and MIS systems.

Rapid Appraisals & Audits

We conduct rapid audits of project implementation and success of the program in a scientific manner to evaluate "intermediate" impacts of the program. Such audits can tremendously improve the validity and usefulness of M&E systems. We also train and develop capacity of program implementers to internalize these audit procedures.