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Given the diverse and skilled staff with expertise in environmental science, economics, public health, environmental law and finance, we are in unique position to advice government and non-government agencies on policy formulation and policy evaluation. We can also help private companies working in social sectors to formulate effective policies and program using our expertise in the following areas.

Policy Formulation and Evaluation

We scientifically assess the social benefits of a policy, the key uncertainties in realizing these benefits and the cost of the policy to the government or the industry. Such comparison allows us to balance between development objectives and costs. We can specifically advise on scalability of the policy or program, market-based or command-and-control approaches to the policy, and the equity or social justice concerns. The specific services we provide are:

  • Regulatory impact assessments - typically includes environmental modeling, data colelction, benefits assessment of proposed regulation, cost on industry and society of the regulation, rate of returns on the regulation, recommendations for tariffs or fees, and others
  • Cost benefits assessment - monetize the benefits of a non-market or heavily regulated market good, assess the cost of provision of the good, and estimate the financial viability of the project
  • Environmental and natural Resource valuation - green accounting, estimating value of the services provided by public goods, effect of taxation and other economic instruments on environmental protection, and estimating willingness to pay (WTP) using contingent valuation or conjoint analysis methods

Risk Assessment and Management

Risk assessments quantify the risks to the environment and human health from anthropogenic source such as agriculture or industry as well as natural sources such as natural disasters. Risk assessments can help us identify critical risk or exposure factors where we can focus the policy efforts. It helps us in managing the risks better and delivers environmental justice to those who suffer the most from these risks for no direct benefit or gain. Our risk assessment related services are:

  • Probabilistic health risk assessments - we integrate the exposure assessment and dose-response models and estimate the variability and uncertainty in risk estimates using Monte Carlo or Latin Hypercube sampling methods for a variety of health conditions and underlying cause (pollution, natural events, accidents, etc)
  • Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis - we estimate the effect of model assumptions, model structure, and measurement errors on the risk estimates to provide a complete disclosure on the confidence on the results and to benefit accurate policy decisions
  • Natural disaster risk management - we associate with PRESTELS and other international consultants to prepare, train on, and help implement emergency plans for natural and manmade disasters on GIS platform

Energy and Environmental Consulting

We help the government and private companies alike in protecting the environment and in regulatory compliance. With help of our group concern PRESTELS, we provide the following services:

  • Environmental Modeling - we are proficient in air, water, soil and noise pollution modeling using models developed by USEPA, NOAA, OSHA and others. We can also integrate these models on GIS platform
  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessments - we help you assess the effect of your business operations or project on child labor, workers safety, adequate compensation, ethical practices, rehabilitation of displaced people, health hazard to people, environmental damage, and impacts on ecology. We can conduct these assessment to fulfill regulatory compliance in India as well as go beyond regulations
  • Climate Change Research & Consulting - we are conducting research to understand how climate change will affect human health by moderating the environmental factors and how social projects or programs can help negate this impact. On consulting front, we offer carbon management,, energy audit, and green building solutions with help of our group companies.