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Socio-Market research provides organized information on social and marketing aspects to help the l enterprises make better and efficient decisions. We combine innovative market research techniques and the scientific rigor of social research to provide objective, robust and innovative solutions to the development sector. We focus only on products that deliver social welfare and typically in a program mode or as a CSR initiative, and distinguish ourselves from other market research agencies in this respect. We strive for excellence and objectivity in our research through various means such as peer reviews following institutional review boards (IRB's) directives and publishing in international journals.

Some of our qualitative and quantitative research methods include:

  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) studies or formative research - to understand your consumers
  • Gap analysis and needs assessment - to help you design a project or a product and its delivery to meet the needs of your consumers
  • Demand assessment & WTP studies - to help you assess and monetize the demand for your product or project to set tariffs or fees, identify consumer segments, and develop marketing strategies
  • Market segmentation - identify consumer segments to help you develop market strategy for early adopter, sustainers and slow adopters
  • Experimental field trials - to test hypotheses in scientifically rigorous manner
  • Qualitative studies - best way to start and end your market research, especially when budget is a concern. Provides thoughtful narratives and much in-depth study which quantitative research cannot